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Inspection process

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The first stage of the simulation of the factory, the diagnosis of the problem

1 site visits to see the overall layout of the plant, the structure is reasonable

2 internal hardware inspection, find out the unqualified items and take pictures

3 simple interviews with workshop director, security staff

4 file sorting, list of documents and do not meet the requirements of the factory documents

5 analyze and evaluate the overall situation of the plant, and make the initial corrective plan

The second phase of the first meeting

1 on the first phase of the hardware and documentation issues are discussed

2 meeting to discuss, get the best solution

3 assign tasks and identify the responsible person

4 responsible for how to complete the assigned tasks correctly

Third phase of the implementation of the rectification program

1 documents (rectification determines the factory at the audit personnel roster, filing and contract, all personnel records and payroll and attendance, completion of nearly twelve months to sort out the required certificates / manual / procedure / training / audit report, missing over the period should complement, should go from the new handle)

2 Hardware rectification (refer to factory requirements for safety / fire / environment / health / health, etc.)

Fourth stage follow up

1 check whether the data file is complete, check all the documents to ensure that there is no error

2 check whether the site hardware standards, in accordance with the standards, check whether the site hardware factory inspection requirements

3 further rectification of the above non conformance

Fifth stage training

1 staff interview training (training staff how to deal with the problems and requirements of the auditor)

2 reception skills training (explain how to respond to the reception staff and evade the questions raised by the auditor)

Sixth stage accompany audit

1 assist the factory to the auditor to see the finishing and on-site observation

2 communicate with the auditor, answer the questions and solve the problems

3 through the review report, analysis whether the factory through the factory

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